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If your team values humanity, positive cultural change, results, loyalty and honesty, Society House is the partner for you. Our values transcend our profession. PR being a lifestyle profession makes it natural for our team players to incorporate these core values and succeed both personally and professionally.

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Tony Ferguson


About Society House

Society House is built on the foundation of Entertainment Industry veteran Tony Ferguson’s 21 years of PR and branding experience in music entertainment, philanthropy, literature, Film/Television, and sports. His many PR campaign successes are achieved with clients that understand how to maximize PR.

Our top priority is to give media stories and topics they want to write and talk about and steer the story. We educate the client on the differences between paid, earned, shared and owned media.

Agency Services

Society House offers services for all levels whether a DIY brand or A-Lister with a team at the highest level, we are here for you,

Public Relations
Promote clients via editorial coverage and making them seem as successful, important, exciting or relevant as possible.
Social Media Strategy
Establish multiple social media goals that maximize various social media channels to generate more leads, share product information, increase brand awareness, expand your network, or just about anything that helps connect with consumers.
Branding Integration
Organically promote personalities, products and services through appearances in film, television, music video or digital media.

Core Team

Karen Lee


Yvonne Jonas Edwards


Sierra Arnold

Social Media

DIY Products

DIY products for a great price. Check them out below and contact us to get a quote.

Press Plan
If you interface with an audience in some way, then you need a plan for keeping those interactions professional and positive. A PR plan influences your branding and marketing, as well as your ability to recover from setbacks. We’ll create a personalized press plan that will target the right media outlets, include key messages, and help increase awareness of your brand and/or product.
One-On-One Consultation
Our network of seasoned PR, branding, and social media pros will provide solutions to challenges of written communication, events, community engagement, and media relations.
Media Targets List
Your music promotion campaign won’t go far with bad press contacts. Building a list on your own will slow you down. We’ll provide tailored lists on local and national levels to help you service information to the right press contacts.
Press Releases
We write press releases to send to media, post on your website and promote through social media or an online press release distribution service to directly communicate information to a mass audience and to target specific groups.


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